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  A nonfiction memoir based on a true story, Fighting Chance is written by Alicia Doyle, an award-winning journalist who discovered boxing at age twenty-eight in the late 1990s when she went on assignment at a boxing gym for at-risk youth called Kid Gloves. For two years, she simultaneously worked as a newspaper reporter while training and competing as a boxer, making her one of only a few hundred women in America who infiltrated this male-dominated sport. During her boxing career, she won two Golden Gloves championship titles and earned three wins by knockout – and her pro debut at age thirty in the year 2000 was named The California Female Fight of the Year. Fighting Chance offers an inside look at what’s considered the toughest sport known to man.

Rave Reviews


"Absorbing and brilliant! Over 22 years ago I shared the ring with Alicia Doyle...twice. Fighting Chance transported me back to relive those experiences from HER perspective. It was amazing! I highly recommend this book!" 

– "Amazing" Layla McCarter, 8 time, 5 division Boxing World Champion & California Boxing Hall of Fame Inductee

"No punches pulled by the hard hitting Ms Doyle in her true life  novelistic rendering of what it's like to punch her way to fame! A knockout!!" 

- Ivor Davis, Investigative Journalist & Best-Selling Author of "Manson Exposed: A Reporter's 50-Year Journey into Madness and Murder"


“Alicia Doyle is a shining example of an individual who continues to fight to save herself from the dark side of life by mentoring troubled young children at KID GLOVES. She is their guiding light, a light that doesn’t often shine for them. FIGHTING CHANCE is exactly that, a chance to survive in the ring and in life. A must read…”

– Rod Holcomb, Producer/Director

“Alicia instilled what Kid Gloves Boxing teaches – the A.B.C Backwards: Conceive, Believe, Achieve. Building CONFIDENCE in all she does, Round by Round. A true role model for all.”

– Robert Ortiz Sr., owner of Kid Gloves Boxing


Fighting Chance: Based on a True Story

California Female Fight of the Year


My pro boxing debut at the Castaic Brickyard was named "The California Female Fight of the Year"

Blood, Sweat & Tears


My nonfiction novel offers a first-hand look at competing in a male-dominated sport in the late 1990s

Two-Time Golden Gloves Champ


I started boxing at age 28 in the late 1990s, and earned two Golden Gloves Championship titles during my two-year-long boxing career

Kid Gloves


I fell in love with boxing when I was a newspaper journalist, and went on assignment at a boxing gym for at-risk youth called Kid Gloves

Disaster Diva


I earned my ring name "Disaster Diva" for the bloody brawls witnessed during my fights



My boxing career was made possible by coaches and trainers who believed in my athletic ability to compete in the roped-off square

Fight Footage: National Blue & Gold Boxing Tournament

 Alicia Doyle fights three days in a row at the National Blue & Gold Tournament in Los Angeles, where she earned two wins by technical knock-out. Alicia is a Two-Time Golden Gloves Champion whose pro boxing debut at age 30 was named The California Female Fight of the Year. Alicia is the author of the nonfiction memoir, Fighting Chance, which offers an inside look at this male-dominated sport.