Alicia's Stories

Beyond Silence


Unique journeys of local authors with special needs to find their voice

So Happy Together


  New foster agency program focuses on reuniting families 

The Importance of Self-Care


Experts discuss the importance of self-care, and why putting yourself first can lead to emotional, mental and physical health

Paving Their Own Way


 Professionals talk about their careers without degrees 

Activist Leaves Lasting Mark


 Beth Leder-Pack was a leader and activist known for  making a tremendous positive impact during her lifetime 

Making it Work


Love, joy of life stronger than any disability for couples 

What We Have Not Learned


Holocaust survivors reflect on the state of the world, from WWII until today 

How to Help Your Overweight Teen Lose Weight


Parents of overweight teens must take an active role to help with their child’s weight loss

Connecting with Community


 Step Forward Day embodies spirit of service 

Harry Barovksy Memorial Youth Commission


The Harry Barovksy Memorial Youth Commission provides young people with a platform to make recommendations to the council on matters concerning the city’s programs and projects that are structured to serve them and their families

Local Schools Make the Grade


 Schools throughout the Conejo Valley are especially unique for their award-winning programs, high test scores and graduation rates that lead the majority of their students to top colleges and universities

Own Your Health


 Dr. Gonzalez specializes in integrative and functional medicine, which seeks to get to the root cause of the problem by looking at the entirety of the patient’s mind, body & spirit

Caring for Community


 Over an 11-year span, Home Helpers has cared for more than 850 families throughout Ventura and Los Angeles Counties 

ACT Today!


  Autism Care and Treatment is a national nonprofit organization with a mission to raise awareness and provide services and support to families to help children with autism achieve their full potential

The Gin Blossoms


Nineties alt-rockers the Gin Blossoms celebrated the 25th anniversary of  their multiplatinum album last year. The band is touring in support of  its new album, Mixed Reality 

Options for Breast Reconstruction


  Dr. James Watson Offers a Menu of Options for Breast Reconstruction



 Local groups explore nature with the sport of fishing 

Personal Sound Amplification


Experts discuss  personal sound amplification products, including regulations, costs and how they work

On Exhibit


Pot Lifer Museum at the Sespe Creek Collective in Ojai shines light on cannabis-related incarceration

Passion Project


 Ten years in the making, local father-daughter duo makes softball vision a reality 

Empowering Women in Business


 Women’s Economic Ventures helps entrepreneurs start, grow and thrive in business

Financial Scams Against Seniors & How to Avoid Them


Experts offer details about the latest elderly financial abuse and ways to avoid it

Best Makeup for Women Over 40


 Physicians Formula®, Jane Iredale®, and makeup artist Gucci Westman’s line are considered the best makeup brands for women over 40

Breaking Barriers


 Women in business share their stories of reaching heights of success 

Successful Aging


 Having a strong sense of purpose, socialization, regular exercise and a healthy diet are among the habits of people who age well

Tips to Accept Aging Looks


 Growing older is a natural part of life, but many have trouble facing their aging appearance when they look in the mirror. This article explores accepting the aging process as it relates to looks

How to Avoid Holiday Stress


Studies show that deadly heart attacks increase during the holiday season, especially around Christmas and New Year’s Day. Read about ways to avoid stress during the holidays and keep your heart healthy

How to Stop Smoking Cigarettes Naturally


  Experts discuss effective natural ways to quit smoking cigarettes without any medication

Ways to Cut Down Smoking Gradually


 Quitting cigarettes cold turkey can be challenging for smokers addicted to nicotine. Fortunately, there are ways to cut down smoking gradually before kicking the habit for good

Turmeric & Curcumin Health Benefits


 Turmeric, which contains curcumin, is claimed to have health benefits for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties

Working It Out


Unique programs for people with autism help build strength, social connection

Life Changing


Local survivor sheds light on domestic violence

The Butterfly Effect


Raising and releasing of monarchs locally make notable impact on West Coast

Alone on the Condor Trail


 From Lake Piru to Monterey, Southern California woman first to complete 400-mile hike 

The Real Me


 Transgender couple talks about living normal lives 

Reaching the Golden Age


A look at the issues facing seniors today

Why Elderly Americans Fall for Financial Scams


 This article explores the psychology behind why older Americans are more likely to lose money when targeted by scammers

Causes of Premature Aging: What to Avoid & Treatments That Work


Looking older than you actually are is a key sign of premature aging. Learn the top causes of accelerating aging, what to avoid to prevent this look, and treatments that can help

Best Exercises for Seniors: Balance, Strength & Flexibility


 Seniors can remain fit in their golden years by honing endurance, strength, balance and flexibility 

How to Detect & Naturally Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease


Alzheimer’s is the second most feared disease behind cancer.This article explores warning signs, as well as ways to prevent Alzheimer’s through living a healthy lifestyle

Solutions for Thinning Hair & Hair Loss for Women


For many women, the experience of thinning hair or hair loss is depressing at best. This article explores contributing factors to these conditions and six possible solutions that can offer hope

Best Anti-Aging Creams for Hands


 Creams can improve the look of aging hands such as brown spots and thinning skin. Learn about the best creams and preventative measures that can offset the look of aging hands

How to Choose and Use the Right Cane for You


Which walking cane is right for your specific needs? Experts discuss their purpose, what they’re made of, and other important factors you should consider before making a purchase

Which Hearing Aid Is the Best?


Hearing aids are quite sophisticated these days. With many options available, experts offer their advice so you can decide which hearing aid is the best fit for your individual needs

Natural Ways That Help Reduce the Risk of Prostate Cancer


Regular exercise, maintaining a healthy weight and a healthy diet are among the natural ways a man can potentially reduce the risk of prostate cancer

Guidelines for a Healthy Diet That Can Help Prevent Prostate Cancer


Consuming foods containing Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, and vitamin E may help reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Read how dietary habits may help alleviate the possibility of this disease

How to Go Gray Naturally or with Dyes


The gray hair trend is growing for women of all ages. Experts discuss the best ways to transform your locks to silver, including the best styles and makeup to complement this look

Work-From-Home Job Scams & How to Spot Them


The work-from-home job scam is a criminal enterprise that targets vulnerable people online. How can you spot a scam during your job search? Experts share the red flags

How to Get Rid of Smile Lines


Experts discuss creams, treatments, and healthy lifestyle choices that can help diminish the appearance of smile lines

How to Get Rid of Under Eye Bags


There are three ways to diminish under eye bags: natural methods, clinical procedures, and creams and serums bought over-the-counter

How to Get Rid of Crepey Skin on Legs


Crepey skin on the legs is a common side effect that comes with age, especially for women. Read about methods and products that are claimed to address this condition

Best Collagen Supplements



While our body’s ability to produce collagen declines with age, there are ways to offset the results of collagen loss. Experts offer tips on buying the best collagen supplements

Crepey Skin: Causes, Prevention & Treatment


Crepey skin doesn’t just appear on your face – it can show up from neck to knees. Experts discuss the causes of crepey skin and ways to prevent and minimize it  

There are several surgical and clinical treatments for under eye bags with little downtime and effective results. Read more about these methods that experts say actually work.

Best Surgical & Clinical Treatments for Under Eye Bags


There are several surgical and clinical treatments for under eye bags with little downtime and effective results. Read more about these methods that experts say actually work

How to Get Rid of Crepey Skin on Upper Arms


Crepey skin on the upper arms can be a side effect that comes with age, especially for women. Read about non-surgical, surgical and products that can help, as well as diet and exercise

Best Online Dating Sites for All Ages


With so many online dating sites promising to make connections, how can a single determine what’s best for them? This article explores the best online dating sites for all ages

Ways for Women to Lower Their Risk of Heart Disease


Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the United States. This article takes a look at ways that women can reduce their risk of heart disease

Do Anti-Aging Collagen Supplements Really Work?


While some experts believe that consuming anti-aging collagen supplements actually works, others claim the opposite. Medical doctors offer their view about why these supplements don’t work

Best Natural Treatments & Home Remedies for Under Eye Bags


Home remedies and natural treatments can help offset the appearance of under eye bags. Read about these methods as well as healthy daily habits that can help

Best Creams & Serums for Under Eye Bags


While under eye bags can develop with aging, creams and serums can help offset the appearance of under-eye bagginess

Pepperdine Law Students Host Disaster Relief Clinic


 Pepperdine University School of Law's Disaster Relief Clinic  provides pro bono legal services to those harmed by wildfires in Southern California 

Senior Challenge


 Local experts, senior expo focused on raising quality of life in the golden years 

To the Rescue


 Oxnard convention features animals, people dedicated to better lives for the abandoned 

CBD Oil for Anxiety


  CBD oil for anxiety, claimed to work well for most people, is said to be generally safe, inexpensive, and easily available

CBD Oil for Dogs


CBD for dogs can help diminish joint pain, ease anxiety, and other benefits

On the Bookshelf


 "Ladies and Gentlemen . . . The Penguins!" is a tongue-in-cheek story about four penguins from the Falkland  Islands, a remote British territory, who decide they want to be bigger than the Beatles.  

Serving Veterans


 Nonprofits give back to those willing to risk their lives 

Dog Supplements 101


Before you incorporate a supplement into your dog’s diet, read what experts have to say about their efficiency, potential dangers, and whether or not your canine needs a supplement

Grains, Fruits & Vegetables That Improve Digestion


A healthy digestive system can help prevent arthritis, depression, low-energy, autoimmune disease and acne

Q 360 Taps Into Healing Energy


 Q 360 uses a holistic approach to harness a wide  range of energy fields to accelerate healing and amplify healing capabilities  

Art in the Fast Lane


 Fireball Gallery zooms into the Murphy Auto Museum 

Rare Breed of Fighters


 Five generations of boxers in Simi Valley with a murder for hire plot twist 

Can You Put Coconut Oil on Your Face?


  There’s a lot of buzz these days about the claimed healing benefits of coconut oil. But what about putting coconut oil on your face? 

Acne Treatments for Teenage Girls


 Board Certified Dermatologists discuss topical therapies, oral therapies and in-office procedures for teen girls with acne

Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening


Dental experts discuss the growing trend of  activated charcoal teeth whitening, including how it works, safety  factors, best candidates and potential side effects.

How to Stop Robocalls in 2019


Learn how apps, smartphone subscriptions, and due  diligence can help prevent robocalls in 2019

Where the Love Is


 Organizations promote healing through bonds between man and animal 

CBD Oil in Beauty Products


Beauty products containing CBD, also known as cannabidiol, are claimed to help with acne, psoriasis, and eczema

Caring for the Most Vulnerable


 Nonprofits aim to meet needs of low income, homeless despite stigma 

CBD-Infused Coffee


There’s a lot of buzz these days about CBD-infused products, including coffee. Learn the potential benefits of this current trend

Best Eczema-Friendly Makeup


 Experts offer recommendations and other tips for this skin disease which can cause red, itchy and painful symptoms

Rollin' Rebels


Residents join in the first competitive soccer team for the wheelchair bound

Redemption Realized


 Locals open up about their journeys overcoming addiction

Modern Day Girl Scouts

Central Coast troop members set goals high for the future

Central Coast troop members set goals high for the future

Anti-Inflammatory Diet


 An anti-inflammatory diet can potentially prevent common conditions such as diabetes, coronary artery disease and obesity 



 The DASH diet, which incorporates fruits, vegetables, and fat-free or low-fat dairy products, can promote weight loss, lower blood pressure and other benefits 

Mediterranean Diet


 Read what experts have to say about the food groups involved, sample menus, and how this diet can cause a significant reduction in cardiovascular disease

Intermittent Fasting for Women


Intermittent fasting can help women overcome weight loss resistance, reduce insulin resistance and possibly lower blood pressure

Cancer Prevention Diet


Pam Braun, a 13-year cancer survivor, and author of an anti-cancer cookbook, believes certain foods can help prevent the disease

Losing Weight & Getting in Shape


 Many people want to lose weight and get in shape but don't know how to start and remain motivated. Experts discuss overcoming hurdles and the steps to take for overall success

Creative Minds


 Inventors make life a little easier, the environment a little better 

Grounding Effect


 The healing power of gardening in a frantic world 

Tips to Help Kids Overcome Their Fear of the Dentist


Children are afraid of the dentist for many reasons, from the perceived pain of the shot to the feeling of being numb. Dentists who treat children discuss how to offset these fears

Learning Power


 Libraries seek to help adults, kids struggling with reading, writing 

Nothing to Hide


 Mother talks about suicide of teenage son to help others 

Rotary Club Serves Community


Everything the Malibu Rotary Club does is fueled by the four-way test: Is it the truth? Is it fair to all concerned? Will it build goodwill and better friendships? Will it be beneficial to all concerned?