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Slavica Bogdanov: Award-Winning Screenwriter & Film Producer

Slavica Bogdanov of Empowering Entertainment has partnered with Alicia Doyle to bring Fighting Chance to the silver screen:

Since June 2016, Slavica is a 20 time awarded Canadian screenwriter and  producer (living in LA), 15 original feature film and 2 TV series  scripts so far. Before that, she was a success strategist for 10 years  with 40 published books.

Born in Belgrade, raised in Paris,  Slavica Bogdanov comes from a humble European family of entrepreneurs  who believed hard working was the way to success. During childhood, she  was recognized for her very high IQ which led her to jump 4 grades early  on. She moved to Canada where she completed a Master's Degree in  History of Communications at the University of Montreal. She had  succeeded in what most have called 'impossible" tasks and goals. From  being interviewed on many TV, radio and newspaper nationally and  internationally, to being invited to speak to the leaders of Party  opposition in a private session in the Canadian Parliament to hear her  opinion on International politics. Recognized by the US government as a  person with extra-ordinary abilities, her genius is still baffling those  who come to meet her.

Raised in a working family of  entrepreneurs, Slavica boasts close to 40 years of business experience.  She started at a very young age, manning her parents' stores and  developing their marketing strategies. For 15 years, she worked as a  business development and sales manager, doubling and tripling revenues  of any business that hired her within the first six months. In 2007,  Slavica started investing in high ROI real estate properties which led  her to become financially free and launch other businesses. She also has  3 international amazon best sellers and record high 6 books were  published in 2016.

As a speaker, Slavica inspires, motivates and  empowers those around her. Her message of "anything is possible" is  shared via her life own experience(s) and the thousands of people's  lives she has changed as a consultant, best selling author and speaker.  She developed a unique method of success blending spiritual laws of  prosperity with very pragmatic tools of reprogramming the brain for  success. Those who see Slavica in person say she radiates a powerful  love for life and inspires everyone to reach higher levels of success.  You can dream the impossible dream and make it real!

Her next  goal is to create one of the most prestigious motion picture and  entertainment companies by surrounding herself with experts in their  fields, dedication and hard work to ensure the highest possible quality  while limiting investors' risks as much as possible.