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Amit Goswami, a quantum physicist and author of Quantum Creativity

Author to discuss relationship between spirituality, quantum physics

March 4, 2014
Ventura County Star

A theoretical physicist who has explored the spiritual connection between quantum physics and consciousness will speak and sign books Friday at the Ventura Center for Spiritual Living.

Amit Goswami, author of “Quantum Creativity,” has written about the subject and appeared in documentaries discussing his ideas about how individual and group consciousness can influence the material world.

“We are delighted to host Dr. Goswami. His work addresses many of our teaching’s key topics such as science and spirituality, infinite possibilities and our unlimited creative potential,” said the Rev. Bonnie Rose, the center’s senior minister.

“When we apply old logic to our problems, nothing changes,” Rose said. “I expect Dr. Goswami to inspire us to look at life in a new way and be a positive force for enduring personal and global change.”

Goswami, who appeared in the film “The Dalai Lama Renaissance,” is a retired professor of theoretical physics at the University of Oregon in Eugene.

He has also written more than a dozen academic and nonfiction books, including “The Self-Aware Universe,” “Physics of the Soul” and “God Is Not Dead.”

Goswami also appeared in “What the Bleep Do We Know?” a 2004 documentary-style film about his work to show the spiritual connection with quantum physics and consciousness.

“Although the word ‘quantum’ originally was used to denote a discrete bundle of energy, it now stands for a physics of possibilities,” said Goswami, who lives in Eugene, Ore.

His latest book published by Hay House Inc., “Quantum Creativity: Think Quantum, Be Creative,” explains and teaches the quantum creative process for spiritual explorations, he said.

“In this way, the book is not only for the talented and gifted but is for everyone,” he said.

For a long time, science focused on the importance of matter, Rose said.

“Quantum physics focuses on the understanding that everything exists by virtue of energy,” she said.

She said quantum possibilities exist in positive and negative conditions.

“As we begin to shift our focus, staying open to the quantum field, we can call forth a new reality,” Rose said.

She offered the example of getting out of bed in the morning, stubbing her toe and saying, “It’s going to be a bad day.”

“Then everything I see unconsciously provides evidence that it’s a bad day,” she said. “However, if I get out of bed and stub my toe and laugh ... and I really mean it, I start to unconsciously gather evidence that it’s a good day.”

Goswami thinks societies are going through a time of crisis in which there is a need for a paradigm shift from the primacy of matter to the primacy of consciousness.

“Primacy of matter is the idea that everything is ultimately built from matter,” he said. “Primacy of consciousness means that consciousness, not matter, is the ground of being.”

Rose said she hopes Goswami’s talk will help people recognize that their creativity is unlimited.

“It’s up to us to change our thinking, to embrace new possibilities if we want to change the world,” Rose said. “With quantum physics and a greater understanding of infinite possibilities in all things, we can use our creative power for personal and global good."

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