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Color therapy can heal illness, provide balance and harmony

Karen Quincy Loberg / Ventura County Star: Elaine Wilkes receives color therapy from Leslie Slone, owner of Auracle Colour Therapy in Woodland Hills. Wilkes says that if someone had told her she would someday do color therapy, she would have thought they were insane, but she has benefited from it with both physical and emotional issues.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008
Ventura County Star

As a cancer patient, Celeste Mills was seeking some kind of therapy to balance her emotions and give her inner strength. So when she heard about a treatment that uses color and light to control stress and anxiety, she decided to give it a try.

"With the first session, I felt such a sense of release," said Mills, 56, of Van Nuys. "It also helped me release the anger and fear that was associated with my cancer diagnosis. My everyday life has been so much easier to deal with."

Medical research experts are quick to note that too little is known about color therapy to provide any real scientific analysis. Many agree, though, that anything that proves to be calming has at least some positive effects., saying its findings were reviewed by the faculty of the Harvard Medical School, states: "Color therapy appears to be well tolerated in most individuals, although safety has not been thoroughly tested in scientific studies. Exposure to bright light can cause eye injury. Strobe lights may cause seizures in susceptible individuals. Color therapy has been suggested for many conditions, but safety and effectiveness have not been thoroughly studied scientifically. Speak with your healthcare provider if you are considering color therapy."

The program used by Mills is Auracle's Colour Therapy, founded by Leslie Sloane, an author and certified color metaphysician who claims that she has developed one of the only natural color therapy lines.

A former resident of Thousand Oaks and Westlake Village who has administered color energy treatments for nearly a decade, Sloane has done extensive studies of mystic teachings incorporating color therapy that date back to ancient Egypt, Greece, China and India.

Sloan, whose practice is based in Woodland Hills, said color therapy helps heal disease and illness by bringing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects into balance and harmony.

The benefits, she said, include accelerated healing with physical ailments such as cancer, arthritis, back pain, blood disorders, digestive problems and hormonal issues.

Emotional and mental imbalances also can be healed through color, she said

"The colors can help mend broken hearts and assist in working through all kinds of fears by gaining self-respect, self-worth, self-love and integrity," Sloane said.

The way it works

During each session, the client — or "seeker," as Sloane says — is asked to choose three out of 25 colors that fill translucent, palm-sized, heart-shaped bottles.

After receiving a reading from Sloane based on the color selections, the client lies on a table with his or her chosen colors — as well as other colors — placed on and around his or her body.

The bottles are then illuminated with a miniature flashlight.

"Each color has its own intelligence and level of vibration; each color chosen contains a specific, vibratory message for that soul in order to help them heal," Sloane said. "If someone has a particular condition, they will generally choose those colors associated with that condition."

For instance, if someone picks clear, "you may be feeling the need to cleanse and detoxify your body," Sloane said.

Cost per 70- to 90-minute session is $175.

To its devotees, it is simply priceless.

"It's truly divine magic," said Cherise Bangs, 25, of Burbank, who has undergone several treatments. "You feel positive energy flooding your body, mind and soul. It radiates and it allows you to return to your natural state of bliss. You just lie down and relax as the colors do their work."

Jitu Patel, a Camarillo chemist, underwent six sessions at the suggestion of his wife, Joshna.

"It calmed my anxiety and assisted me with total clarity to pursue and finally secure a wonderful job in cancer diagnostics," said Patel, 55.

"The colors are pleasing to look at and the treatments were not only relaxing, but spiritually uplifting and centering. It's simple yet profoundly powerful," he said.

Denise Bella Vlasis, who was trying to get pregnant at age 42, said the colors helped her body prepare for the process of giving birth and subsequent healing.

"Leslie laid me on the table with the colors; right away, she felt shifts and old scar tissues begin to release and old traumas I was holding on to begin to release from my body," said Vlasis, 44, of Van Nuys.

"After just a few sessions with Leslie and the colors, I became pregnant. I could feel my hormonal state begin to light up and balance, and I felt stronger that I ever had," she said.

Less than two years ago, Johnny Garcia struggled to pay his rent, wondered how he was going to eat day to day, and suffered insomnia from the burden of his worries. Today, the 40-year-old Ojai artist and photographer attributes his newfound success to Auracle's Colour Therapy.

"I look back on how my life was a year and a half ago, and it is a 180-degree shift," said Garcia, a former Hollywood resident who left the hustle of the city for the serenity of Ojai.

'I simply knew'

Sloane's affinity for color began when she was a child; she says she could see color energies — or auras — around people.

In 1978, as a young adult, she became a hairdresser exclusively focusing on color formulations.

"I simply knew what measurements of each color to use, ending up with perfect results each time without ever recording any formulas," she said. "This baffled my employers."

In 1990, she was introduced to Epicuren, a line of healing products for the skin.

She began teaching the healing aspects of these treatments, which led to her decision in 1995 to take vibrational healing courses.

"Since I've always done some type of hands-on healing work, it was a natural next step," Sloane said.

Two years later, chiropractor Bernadette Rosenstiel introduced Sloane to color therapy and suggested that she incorporate the colors into her work.

With that, Sloane met with Ayn Cates, president and creator of Awareness Essences Inc. in Santa Barbara, who worked with the late Vicky Wall, author of "Aura-Soma: Self-Discovery Through Color," based on the mystical traditions of the Kabbalah and the medicinal and healing qualities of living plants.

Wall, who lost her eyesight later in life, developed the Aura-Soma color system and helped it become established as a new healing modality.

For additional information on Auracle's Colour Therapy, visit the Web site at http:// or call 818-348-4010.

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