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Rock concert raises funds for nonprofit animal rescue

Sept. 17, 2014 Ventura County Star

SIMI VALLEY, Calif. - When Sadie became paralyzed and was given up by her family, the dog found a loving home through Saving K9 Lives Plus, a nonprofit that strives to save dogs, particularly those with special needs, from death.

"Sadie works with autism children now as a therapy dog, and she's fantastic," said Sadie's new mom, Ginger Maccutcheon.

A registered nurse who lives in Ohio, she said her patients enjoy the tiny white dog in a wheelchair.

"We're a team," she said.

Wearing a custom-made lime-green gown with ruffles and a white bow, Sadie was among many guests of honor on the red carpet Saturday during a rock concert fundraiser to benefit the nonprofit at The Arena in Simi Valley.

"Sing for the Voiceless" featured voluntary performances by artists including Bobby Kimball, original lead singer of Toto; Spencer Davis of The Spencer Davis Group; Sean McNabb, actor and former bass player for Quiet Riot and Dokken; and Ellis Hall, lead singer of Tower Of Power.

Dan Rosen, manager of The Arena, donated the venue.

"We always like helping ... and we have the facility to do it," Rosen said. "Plus these guys are legends."

Hall, whose adopted dog through the nonprofit recently died, donated his performance to raise awareness of the charity.

"In a world that seems sort of dark, there's so much light we just have to let it shine," said Hall, of Los Angeles, who came with his wife, Leighala Jimenez Hall.

"We had a rescue that just passed away, and we miss her so," said Leighala Jimenez Hall, whose husband wrote a song called "Milagro Morning" about their adopted pet. "Just like children, fostering pets is as equally important. They need the love, the nurture, the care."

Joie Pugliese, rescue coordinator for the nonprofit, agreed that shelter dogs need extra care, especially those with special needs.

"We specialize in the ones that other people will not take," said Pugliese, of Chatsworth. "When a shelter has a dog that is handicapped or needs extra medical attention they contact us."

Saturday's event was expected to raise $20,000, said Jasmin Gabay Kimball, founder of the nonprofit and wife of Bobby Kimball.

"This year all the fosters got involved," said Jasmin Gabay Kimball, of Encino, referring to the volunteers who staffed the fundraiser. "I am a firm believer that all our concerts bring awareness ... of what is happening to the animals."

A star of the evening was Porsche, a dog with a broken spine in a wheelchair who needs a home.

"In California they can kill a dog within 72 hours. We started Saving K9 Lies because of that," Bobby Kimball told a crowd as he was photographed on the red carpet with his wife and Porsche.

"I will do my very best to save a dog because they're wonderful creatures," Kimball said. "They are man's best friend, and I think they're a woman's best friend, too, because my wife goes crazy for them."

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