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Sisters reach beyond life — via the Internet

Michele, left, and Melanie Morgan practice violin. The sisters' other stated talents include communication with the dead. Courtesy photo by Dale Jackson.

Ventura County Star

Though driven by a strong desire to communicate with his late grandmother, Michael Brook was a huge skeptic when it came to matters of the spiritual and paranormal.

But that all changed when he discovered Melanie and Michele Morgan — sisters and self-proclaimed "AfterlifeLine mediums."

"With their help, I enjoyed a long, detailed and very evidential communication with my grandmother, and it really put me at ease," said Brook of Woodland Hills. "I'm now a total believer. Keep this in mind when you are missing your departed loved ones. With AfterlifeLine, they are as close as your computer."

Brook is one of numerous clients who have transcended the loss of a loved one thanks to, a metaphysical Web site that enables users to communicate with deceased relatives and friends.

The site recently formed an Internet partnership with the Morgan sisters of Newbury Park to offer their signature service, Letters From Heaven.

"The Conejo Valley psychic sisters are unique among mediums," said Hardy Warren, president of AfterlifeLine Inc. "They are able to conduct fluent conversations with departed spirits and thus provide word-for-word messages containing language and references that are instantly recognizable."

Filling a need

The Morgan sisters — who also are classical musicians and recording artists — have been using their psychic gifts to bring comfort, healing and transformation to their clients for more than 20 years.

"But now, with, we can service our clients remotely and forward Letters From Heaven over the Internet," said Melanie Morgan, 50. "Now we have a worldwide reach; we can help spiritual seekers everywhere."

The Morgans see as filling a universal need because there are millions of people who have lost someone and yearning for evidence of life beyond death.

"So many of us are grieving," said Michele Morgan, 48. "It's comforting to know that this life is neither the beginning nor the end. There is always a new opportunity to express love and forgiveness."

How does it work online?

Once you submit an order with payment — services cost from $25 to $175, based on time and word counts — you receive a confirmation from the Morgans. You then receive a transcript by e-mail within seven to 10 business days after the order has been processed.

"We focus our work mainly in spiritual and emotional areas to facilitate healing and raise consciousness," Michele said. "Neither you nor we can control the information about the past or future, solving mysteries, finding lost articles although such things may come through.

"We focus our work mainly in spiritual and emotional areas to facilitate healing and raise consciousness."

Take Victoria Cobb of Agoura Hills, who communicated with her late mother. The words "were distinct and strong, very much her own way of speaking, a bit like she was in the room as I was reading the transcript," Cobb said.

"This reading was instrumental in a beautiful healing of resentment for me and my sister; it also opened the door for more communication with my mother," Cobb said.

Colleen Elkins of Van Nuys was doubtful about communicating with the dead but motivated by a sense of unfinished business with her mom, who had died many years ago.

"Melanie and Michele contacted her for me and though some of it resonated, much of it did not," Elkins said. However, she gave it another shot because of what was mentioned during the first reading.

"I wanted more information," said Elkins, adding that the second communication convinced her that the Morgan sisters had connected with her mom.

"Phrases that were cryptic to the mediums were recognizable to me," Elkins recalled. "I knew exactly what my mom meant. Melanie explained to me how my mom felt and how her energy changed during the communication. This helped me feel more settled with my mother's passing."

'Stars in Heaven'

In addition to their work with private clients, the Morgan sisters are completing their first in a series of books titled "Stars in Heaven — The Dead Celebrity Archives," a collection of interviews with dozens of departed quotable notables from the arts, sciences, politics, sports and entertainment.

For instance, they asked Groucho Marx if there was comedy on the other side. The answer: "Only when I'm speaking," according to the Morgans.

While the Morgans believe there are plenty of excellent mediums out there, they say they are unaware of any who offer their services so extensively over the Internet.

"As far as I know, nothing like this exists anywhere else," Melanie Morgan said. "Our particular method of mediumship enables the client to receive clear messages in their loved one's own words."

Of course there are naysayers; a recent poll cited on found that only 20 percent are true believers in the abilities of mediums (20 percent don't believe; 60 percent are "just not sure").

Regardless, Michele Morgan said, a belief or nonbelief in the afterlife is a concept no one should attempt to influence in another.

"It's something we must each determine from within ourselves," she said. "Melanie and I have encountered skeptics who have turned around 180 degrees as a result of an experience they had — one they could never have anticipated and never would have believed possible. Each person must determine their own beliefs in their own way."

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